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How does Commerce Cloud

help a design agency?

By delivering innovative cloud based services in a single system we provide a lean creative agency the professional capability of a larger one. Alongside the standard website and e-commerce capability we also present a range of highly effective advanced e-marketing, SEO and performance management tools. Provided as software as a service it provides a trouble free transition into the world of e-commerce.

Reputation for excellence and reliability quickly grows with a consistently fast, uninterrupted process to get projects through life cycle. Given the core functionality already exists, every project development is delivered pain free, without glitch or integration issues, ready to switch on the moment your creative team are done.

The big advantage is total support of competitive services you want to offer your client, and the extra income streams you can generate. You will keep your clients for the long term with tools that are user friendly and easy to deliver without increasing staff, complexity or cost. Altogether it perfectly complements your creativity, resulting in an attractive all in one package for your clients.

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